Professional Services

If you’re a professional services partner or director, you’ll be faced with the competing demands of staff productivity, client service and knowledge management.

Wearing many hats

Professional services firms sell knowledge and expertise so they face different challenges to other businesses. Senior professionals are typically managers as well as fee earners. Staff issues are often a priority as they are critical to a firm’s service delivery and reputation.

So how do you find time to address business issues like profitability, cash flow, tax, performance and value?

Hands-on compliance and strategic support

Whether you’re a legal practice, advertising guru, engineer or technology specialist, Accru can help.
We work closely with many professional services firms, taking care of their tax and accounting work and providing other valuable, strategic services such as:

  • Strategies for management of working capital
  • Criteria to avoid taking on the wrong client engagements
  • Partner involvement in the right areas of the practice
  • Segmenting business activities to identify areas that do/do not provide ongoing value
  • Tax planning.

Benefiting from our experience

Accru has invested substantially to improve our own business and we can demonstrate success in helping our professional service clients achieve similar benefits, such as:

  • Drawing profit out of the business sooner
  • Higher recovery per client
  • Quality clients and business that yields a higher value
  • Effective tax minimisation
  • Strong new business flow.

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