Jon’s Story

“The highlight of working with Accru has been the variety of work and the level of support I receive. I’ve been able to develop my skills and apply myself to different challenges every day.”

I started as an undergraduate with Accru three years ago and since then I’ve been exposed to many different areas across audit and compliance.

Great mix of clients and work

I deal with all sorts of clients – non-profit agencies, primary production clients, retail entities, SBE’s, SMSF’s and high-net wealth individuals.

While my focus is usually on compliance and quarterly accounting, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Broome for some audits with our audit partner Marty.

Providing support for these audits allowed me to test the theory behind my Chartered Accountant studies and apply the concepts I learnt to real situations.

Learning every day

With the huge variety of work and experience with auditing, I have been able to develop my skills as an accountant and apply myself to different challenges every day.

I receive a lot of support from partners and team mates. The staff and client base at Accru make every day rewarding and worthwhile.